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Water Damage Restoration

From broken pipes and roof leaks to floods and water infiltration, Atmospec provides trusted emergency water damage restoration services and plumbing services in Montreal and surrounding areas. We specialize in 8 simple steps to help your property recover from water damage, ensuring peace of mind along the way.



1. Inspection

The first phase of any restoration is to locate the affected area and identify the cause of water damage. This helps in determining:

  • What has been damaged
  • The extent of damage that occurred
  • What can be salvaged
  • What needs to be repaired

A thorough documentation of the inspection process is done, and a report is submitted within 24 hours for a smooth and legal restoration process.

water extraction

2. Water Extraction

After a meticulous inspection, the first and foremost order of business will be to remove any standing water from your property. Once your property is arid, it makes it easier for our water damage experts to pinpoint the source of water damage.

Prevent Secondary Damages

3. Prevent Secondary Damages

To prevent any further damage, water damage management is done as soon as your property becomes dry. We utilize best-in-class instruments to release any trapped water from your property's ceilings, floors, carpets, or walls.

Drying Procedure

4. Drying Procedure

Any material, such as carpet underlays, wall sidings, and more, that has not been dried in the previous processes, is at risk of odor and mold growth. We use fans, dehumidifiers, and more advanced technologies to protect your property from disasters. This helps us dry out every nook and cranny of your property correctly. This is known as the ``dryout`` process.


5. Monitoring

During the drying process, our water damage technicians ensure to monitor and document every step. We use measuring devices to check the moisture readings in affected areas and work the equipment accordingly.


6. Completion

Once the moisture and humidity levels are in control, our water damage experts take the fans and humidifiers out of your property and consider the emergency water damage process complete.

Sanitizing And Cleaning

7. Sanitizing And Cleaning

Final cleaning is conducted once every place in your property is dried to the T. The cleaning process includes

  • Sanitizing the area
  • Eliminating any bacterial growth
  • Deodorization to get rid of unwanted odor

Mold Development

8. Mold Development

The risk of mold growth escalates whenever your property suffers water damage due to any factor. Our water damage experts understand this and are equipped with high-quality technology to remove water damage and prevent mold growth by disinfecting and sealing the affected area.

Water Damage Restoration: Swift Solutions for Property Recovery

Don’t let water damage wreak havoc on your property. Contact Atmospec now for swift and reliable water damage restoration services. Restore your property and regain peace of mind today!


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